20 Oct 2020
Weekend Sporting Activities

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Last weekend's exciting sport activities included swimming, lacrosse and rowing.

On Saturday the L4s and 4s were up at the pool competing in a whole range of 25 and 50 m races, culminating in some relay races. The club swimmers were able to impress with their super racing starts, tumble turns and sprint finishes, but there were also girls there for whom this was their first ever swim gala. The overall enthusiasm to swim in as many races as possible was infectious and the girls swam and cheered for a full two hours.

On the lacrosse pitches, once again there were some closely contested internal fixtures with the senior teams and the U14 and U15 teams all getting in some high quality match practice.

The senior rowers were out on the water and with interest large in the U4 year group, the first group of U4s took to the water on Saturday as well, following dry water erg training and capsize drill last week.

Link: https://www.qas.org.uk/news/2020-10-20/another-exciting-weekend-of-sport-